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Oct 22, 2007  · Just wanted to pick the brains of any Bio Sculpture S gel users out there. I have pm’d the ones i know are Bio geeks, but not many use s-gel a great deal. When I start a new pot of the gel i always seem to get a really good shape without needing to refine with a file.

Bio Sculpture Gel, Surry Hills. 36K likes. Bio Sculpture is the world’s favourite healthy nail system. All our products are vegan friendly, 10 FREE non.

Bio Sculpture/Gel. Bio Sculpture is very popular with our Calgary clients and is also recognized all over the world. Bio Sculpture is the first, and to date, the only nail company to do Clinical Research on their product which is a soak off gel. It is thin, durable, long lasting and some of our clients can wear it for up to 8-10 weeks using our.

As some of you may know i have recently become qualified in Bio Sculpture gel nails. In the last four months i have been gaining experience and am now a creative and competent nail technician. Bio Sculpture Gel is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nurtures the nail bed whilst allowing the nail to look immaculate. It is a healthy nail system that will not chip or damage your nails.

Bio Sculpture offers a variety of training courses aimed at preparing students for a successful career as a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician. Courses are held cross Canada in small group setting. Certified instructors devote class time to theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience.

Sep 17, 2013  · Bio Sculpture gels. The beauty of the Bio Sculpture range is that it truly is a prescriptive service for the nail tech to design an enhancement that suits the type of nail the client has. As we know clients natural nails differ dramatically in strength, length, flexibility and durability, so we can now choose which gel best suits.

Paul Edmonds London offer’s Bio Sculpture and EVO Gel an award-winning Gel for hands and feet which last up to 3 weeks and have a 5-star safety rating. Book your next nail appointment at our Knightsbridge or Battersea Power Station salons.

Bio Sculpture Gel (Ireland) Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (registration number: 04183553 and our VAT number is GB 773 735988 and IE 9575082R. We use the terms “we”, “our” and “us” throughout our Terms and Conditions and our Customer Services pages to refer to Bio Sculpture Gel.

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Bio Sculpture Gel is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nurtures the nail bed whilst allowing the nail to look immaculate.

Evo Base is strong enough to correct and strenghten the natural nail, but flexible enough to prevent injury and damage. Gel Remover gently dissolves Evo from the natural nail when it is time for a new colour. Evo is fully compatible with Bio Sculpture Gel products, offering customized nail care for all nail types.

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Bio sculpture gel– This is a conditioning gel. It paints on from a pot with a brush and also dries in a UV lamp. It has a thicker consistancing therefore it is a lot stronger, it can be used for overlays or sculptures (building the nail up for length). It is the healthist nail treatment on the market as we use special vitamins before we apply.

Demonstrated a highly professional gel manicure, stocks at least 20 colours and has passed a Bio Sculpture practical exam Princess Club A very busy salon or technician with a wide choice of colours