Greek Heroic Poetry And Archaeological Evidence Attest To The Mycenaean Culture’s

25. The wealth of the Minoan civilization came from: 26. Greek heroic poetry and archaeological evidence attest to the Mycenaean culture’s: A. interest in drama and the arts. B. devotion to their household gods. C. militaristic nature. D. peaceful nature.

These epic poems tell the story of the Trojan War. According to Homer, in approximately 1250. B. C., King Agamemnon led the Mycenaean Greeks in a war against Troy. Troy was a neighboring city-state. The Mycenaean’s believed that the Trojan prince Paris had kidnapped Helen, Queen of Sparta and the wife of a Greek king.

May 08, 2016  · The Greek epics, Hittite records, Luwian poetry, and archaeological remains provide evidence not of a single Trojan war but rather of multiple wars that were fought in the area that we identify as Troy and the Troad.

Archaeology, History and the Epic Traditions. The recent excavations at Troy (modern Hissarlik) by Korfmann’s team have reignited the controversy concerning the degree of historicity in the tale of the Trojan War, as related in the Iliad. There are, of course, two main questions involved.

In this series of lectures we will examine in detail the archaeological sites and artifacts of Bronze Age Greece (ca. 2000-1000 BC), and what the evidence tells us of the Heroic Age and the creation of the myths of the Heroic Age. 5 Lectures: 1. The Rise of Minoan Crete.

The period of Greek history from about 1600 BC to about 1100 BC is called Mycenaean in reference to Mycenae. At its peak in 1350 BC, the citadel and lower town had a population of 30,000 and an area of 32 hectares.

Greek heroic poetry and archaeological evidence attest to the Mycenaean culture’s: A. interest in drama and the arts. B. devotion to their household gods. C. militaristic nature. D. peaceful nature. E. massive textile and pottery production. 27. Around 1176 B.

Mycenaean Civilization: The Culture of Bronze Age Greece. The Mycenaean period in Greece lasted from 1600 to 1100 BC, the late Helladic period, which represents the height of Bronze Age Greek culture and the pinnacle of Greek culture before the onset of the Greek Dark Ages.

Some archaeologists and historians, most notably, until his death in 1986, Finley, maintain that none of the events in Homer’s works are historical. Others accept that there may be a foundation of historical events in the Homeric narrative, but say that in the absence of independent evidence it is not possible to separate fact from myth.

Legendary names like Agamemnon, Achilles and Odysseus – all Mycenaean Greeks – would be given immortal life in sculpture, on painted pottery and epic literature such as Homer’s Iliad which told the story of the great Trojan War, very possibly a myth based on a real conflict or series of conflicts between the Mycenaeans and Hittites.

Mycenaean Greek traders who started visiting Cyprus around 1400 A major wave of Greek settlement is believed to have taken place following the Bronze Age collapse of Mycenaean Greece from 1100 to 1050 BC, with the island’s predominantly Greek character.

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The figures of Homer and Hesiod stand out as the culture heroes of Greek civilization, not just of Greek literature. Such is the view expressed in the second half of the fifth century b.c.e. by the so-called father of history himself, Herodotus (2.53.1–3; commentary on this passage in Nagy 1990a:215–217).

the South Slavic epic songs, and other cases that oral traditions of heroic poetry can persist for many centuries.2 Almost everyone accepts that the Greek epic tradition goes back at least to late Mycenaean times. In fact, as will be seen, there is reason to assume its existence as early as the

Sources. Greek mythology is known today primarily from Greek literature and representations on visual media dating from the Geometric period from c. 900 BC to c. 800 BC onward. In fact, literary and archaeological sources integrate, sometimes mutually supportive and sometimes in conflict; however, in many cases, the existence of this corpus of data is a strong indication that many.

The Mycenaean civilization flourished in the late Bronze Age, from the 15th to the 13th century BCE and extended its influence not only throughout the Peloponnese in Greece but also across the Aegean, in particular, on Crete and the Cycladic islands.The Mycenaeans were influenced by the earlier Minoan civilization (2000-1450 BCE) which had spread.

* What do Greek heroic poetry and archaeological evidence tell us about the Mycenaean culture? They had militaristic rule, but more so comparable to the Vikings than the Greeks- explorers, mappers, pirates

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Time period when there is no writing present. Economic decline. (ca. 1200 BC-800 BC) period of Greek history from the presumed Dorian invasion and end of the Mycenaean Palatial civilization around 1200 BC, to the first signs of the Greek city-states in the 9th century BC.

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The second aim of this paper is to examine the use and effect of the term ‘Mycenaean’ in and on the archaeology of the Aegean LBA. It will be argued that it has ‘skewed’ thinking about the period – particularly in terms of the notion of a Mycenaean identity or ethnicity and consequently in interpretations of archaeological evidence.

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